Living Room Furniture 2023: 10 Trends That Tie The Look Together, Adding An Of-the-earth Element And A Sense Of Rhythm

living room furniture 2023 Living room

Living room furniture 2023 says: exit frills, massive objects and garish colors, make way for “Less is more”.

Defining the minimalist style, this concept aims to get rid of the superfluous and get back to basics. How to appropriate it in your living room? Follow the leader !

To put it simply and concisely: the focus of the minimalist style is on furniture with clean lines and functional design, combined with sober decoration and smooth surfaces. We give you our advice to easily create a minimalist living room.

Choose living room furniture 2023 with sober curves, furniture with straight lines and soft colors to bring lightness to the room. A minimalist style living room is airy, elegant and bright. Choose shiny furniture, marble or dark wood that combines simplicity and elegance.

living room furniture 2023

Get rid of anything that’s lying around on the floor, superfluous and cluttering up your space! Always keep in mind the minimalist living room furniture 2023 trend “less is more”

Leave several sections of the living room walls free and place a large wall mirror on one of them. Some fine and basic frames can also be displayed.

Keep in mind that the objects around you should be simple in shape and in sober materials.

Design furniture and living room furniture 2023 : chic and sober atmosphere

Preferably choose some furniture with a simple design, skilfully staged in a modern living room. Calm and harmonious atmosphere guaranteed! Furniture with clean lines is very appropriate for a minimalist look. Dress up your living room with a lacquered rectangular coffee table and combine it with a leather corner sofa.

Store what needs to be in a closed storage space, such as a sideboard or a sideboard for example. An airy shelf is also recommended for displaying books and decorative objects. They must match the modern style of the living room in terms of color, materials and shapes.

The flagship materials: living room furniture 2023

Too many different materials can make a modern minimalist living room feel cluttered and overloaded. Choose, according to your tastes, a main material such as solid wood or marble, and decorate it with a few touches of another material. In this way, the furniture and accessories will integrate harmoniously into the whole.

Soft and delicate fabrics bring warmth to a minimalist style. By removing the superfluous and using simple living room furniture 2023 and accessories, you will obtain a modern and soothing atmosphere.

living room furniture 2023

The importance of colors and decorative elements in a modern living room

Who says minimalism does not say absence of decorative objects! The decoration of a minimalist living room furniture 2023  is essential. As with almost all styles, the rule is to compose a harmonious whole between the shapes, colors and materials of the decorative objects.

Add elegant notes to your minimalist living room with airy curvy vases, large structured candles and geometric patterned cushions. A large frame of a single photo can underline the modern side of the room. On the color side, choose a simple palette to dress your walls, living room furniture 2023 and accessories.

Opt for white or gray that you will enhance with dark tones. Then come and highlight the elegance of your living room dressed in white with touches of silver, copper or gold.

Lighting, the final touch of a minimalist decor

Light fixtures are fundamental elements of a minimalist and refined decoration.

Without them, an interior can quickly seem cold! Make it a point to carefully choose the shape, color and material of a lamp. You can create subdued lighting, in certain corners of your living room, with floor lamps, table lamps or even garlands.

living room furniture trends 2023

In our wide range of lights on living room furniture 2023 you will find many models that will inspire you with their minimalist and elegant design. Take care of the final touch of your living room!

Our tips and inspirations for living room lamps

Thanks to pretty living room lamps and their diffused luminosity, you can act on the ambient atmosphere, and transform the room into a warm space. Good lighting in the living room also has a great influence on the perception of your furniture.

Possibly play with the lighting atmosphere, and stage your furniture with a skilful play of lights and shadows. Our interior specialists will advise you on the most suitable living room luminaires for each area. Natural lighting, floor lamps, hanging lamps or table lamps, use them in an elegant way to create a harmonious concept!

Living room furniture 2023: how to choose the right lamp?

Suspensions, design floor lamps or retro wall lamps, thanks to pretty lamps, you can change the atmosphere of your living room and transform it into a warm space. The play of lighting in your room will also influence the perception of your furniture. So which light to choose in accordance with living room furniture 2023? Our decoration experts reveal the most beautiful inspirations.

Your selection of lights will depend on the size of your living room furniture 2023 but also on the use you will make of it.

living room furniture trends 2023

If you don’t have a TV or a bookcase, you will have to light up the room with a remarkable suspension and, on the contrary, if your living room is open to a common space, you will have to accumulate light points to create different atmospheres according to your needs.

To create a warm and intimate atmosphere, you will have to play with different lamps in accumulation or in combination. In a small living room, for example, you can choose two floor lamps, with variable brightness, which blend into the decor. And you can also add a designer table lamp or candles which, in addition to lighting up your living room, will also appear as decorative elements.

Focus on vintage accessories

If you bet on white living room furniture 2023, you absolutely have to add your personal touch.

That’s where accessories come in living room furniture 2023! To accentuate the little vintage touch, dare the ornate porcelain boxes or the romantically painted wall plates in French chic, without forgetting the vases with playful porcelain motifs.

Rustic baskets, which can be used as storage, rugs with floral motifs, and sideboards with romantic finishes are also welcome. We note that in the country style, nostalgic shabby and vintage decorative accessories, such as zinc or copper, are a real success.

living room furniture trends 2023

All our ideas for the wall decoration of a rustic living room

If your walls and ceilings have wooden beams, leave them exposed! Nothing more authentic for a country-style living room than exposed beams! Otherwise, you can play with romantic or vintage designs via murals. Floral wallpapers or wall clocks are also very nice. If you are in the mood for wall painting, it is best to choose friendly pastel shades.

Home textiles, decorative elements of the country style

Home accessories and textiles ensure comfort and a harmonious overall picture in the living room of the country house. The living room is probably the room in your house where you spend most of the day. Here you can relax, relax on the sofa, watch your favorite series and laugh with your family and friends.

living room furniture trends 2023

For a true oasis of well-being, large plaids, elegant linen or cotton pillows and a woven rug are fabulous. Subtle geometric patterns on a light background also take their place in a white country-style living room. A must: the sheepskin in the corner of the sofa. The cozy atmosphere is yours, summer and winter alike!

Vintage living room decor, not so old school!

Are you a fan of 70s and 80s decor? The vintage style is made for you! If you can’t install it throughout your interior, you can bet on some sublime furniture, lighting and accessories to offer you a vintage living room… with modern and chic touches!

Warm, cosy, daring and practical, the vintage style invites itself into both large and small living rooms. Also, the marriage of antique accessories and online accessories (at Westwing of course) is intended in such a way that your living room will be unique and in your image. For your new vintage living room, let yourself be inspired by the ideas of our decoration experts!

Retro living room or vintage living room: what are the differences?

Vintage, retro or modern heritage? Vintage interiors have many facets, but what exactly is the difference between vintage and retro? Both are lifestyle and decoration styles that nod to the past. Real furniture made between 1920 and 1980 and used today is called “vintage”. Pieces from before this period are called “antiques”.

Finally, the retro style describes new furniture that takes on the shape, style, appearance and color of old models.

Decorating a vintage living room: consider merging the decades!

A vintage chic living room exudes a touch of nostalgia thanks to its living room furniture 2023.

The furniture and decorative elements of the vintage living room come from the period between the 20s and the 80s. A period synonymous with “traditional decoration”, which immediately creates a warm feeling of security in your four walls.

Visually, the interior stands out with intentional signs of use, which fans of the interior already know from the shabby chic look. Free and pompous Art Deco floral living room furniture 2023 are also allowed and welcome.

living room furniture trends 2023

If you don’t want to commit completely to the vintage style, you can start small with a nostalgic country house style in your living room. Also, you can initially bet on recovery before embarking on larger works.

Also, to offer you a retro design living room, combine vintage living room furniture 2023 with modern accessories. The vintage style leaves a lot of room for maneuver and can also be combined well in a modern way. For a successful wedding, bet on vintage furniture and modern accessories.

Inspirational living room furniture 2023: colors, patterns and materials to introduce

Say goodbye to minimalism and monotonous effect! Floral and graphic patterns bring inspiration and comfort to the vintage living room.

Stripes, flowers or circles are also welcome. Colors such as ochre, petrol and gold in combination with brown further soften the room.

And the materials are just as varied: wood, stone, leather and metal dominate the rooms.

Mix of styles

Make sure your vintage pieces have similarities and don’t look like a colorful indoor potpourri.


In order to make your interior modern and elegant despite its nostalgic character, you should look for strong material contrasts. Home accessories in shiny copper or smoked glass mixed with wooden furniture are particularly popular.

Specifically use decorative and interior pieces to give your living room a beautiful vintage look. If you overdo it, the room can quickly look like a museum or a flea market.

living room furniture trends 2023

Choose two or a maximum of three eye-catching elements selected from the world of vintage. This can be, for example, a comfortable wing chair, a side table and a chest of drawers that can accommodate your modern television.


Bet on beautiful home accessories such as chests of drawers, colored glass vases or wall clocks with a chime.

Creation of a vintage matching living room furniture 2023

Vintage does not necessarily mean “old-fashioned”, you can very well treat yourself to a pretty retro living room design 2023 … where vintage and modernity blend perfectly. And that means adding furniture in a vintage style.

living room furniture trends 2023

Once again, everything is possible, just let your desires do the talking! Do you feel inspired by the vintage style of the living room and want to furnish your home in a very retro design style? These key pieces are perfect:

  • The wing chair: the chair did good for the good old room from the 1950s.
  • The kidney/bean-shaped table: it can be used as a coffee table as well as a side table or a flower table.
  • The rocking chair: the classic for pleasant hours of reading or an afternoon nap.
  • The secretary: small wooden desks adorn the living room niche and are also an elegant visual element.
  • The stable chests: whether as storage space or as a stylish replacement for a coffee table, they always attract attention.
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