Contemporary Interior Design: Best Ideas To Use In Your Design

contemporary interior design Interior Design Trends

Contemporary interior design is characterized by simple and clean lines, it is inspired by furniture and interior design trends. It approaches the minimalist style, because contemporary furniture must above all be functional, aesthetically clean and with uniform lines.

contemporary interior design

If you want to have a home or a separate room in contemporary interior design, you must stay on the lookout for the latest technological trends, not only in terms of artificial intelligence to transform your home into a modern connected home, but also in the choice of innovative materials for them.

It is typical of this style, in fact, to introduce the latest generation technologies in a manner harmonious and consistent with the environment.

The contemporary interior design mixes more traditional elements and materials with innovative accessories, materials and complements.

Contemporary interior design: what’s the definition?

Dressed in wood, all in white or with touches of color or some designer furniture, the contemporary interior design  continues to charm us for its trendy and cozy character.

Discover our most beautiful inspirations to decorate your living room in this timeless style.

The challenge of furnishing  for a  contemporary interior design is precisely to choose essential lines, neutral colors and few contemporary home decor, without however creating a cold and inhospitable environment, but orderly and avant-garde, comfortable and design, warm and hospitable.

We favor clear and bright colors. In particular white and black and white, geometric and clean lines and precious materials, such as solid wood, or modern and innovative, such as Corian.

contemporary home decor

What is the definition of a contemporary interior design? It is, above all, a contemporary living room design  that has been furnished with contemporary accents.

The contemporary living room is not merely a white and uncluttered minimalist living room. It can come across as warm, quirky, pop, natural vibe, or with a few design or Scandinavian elements…

The most important aspect contemporary interior design, which must be modern, attractive, and most importantly, consistent with your image.

Contemporary style interior design, decoration and furniture side

On the decorative side, the contemporary living room design  generally contains at least one emblematic design piece (a Foscarini light, an Eames rocking chair, a Cinna or Ligne Roset sofa, etc.).

Then, he mixes styles according to your tastes: a designer piece will rub shoulders with a second-hand item from a flea market and an item brought back from your travels. The key is to always maintain a harmony that will make the space refined and well composed.

A contemporary interior design , color side

As for colors, the contemporary interior design has no requirement, but, as in fashion, we generally rely on a mix of three colors, no more.

Between shades of blue or green, a gradient of gray, or rather contrasting colors with the association of whites and blacks or with the implementation of tonic tones for a more pop contemporary coastal living room, it’s up to you to choose what corresponds best to your tastes!

The color in contemporary interior design will be spread as much on a section of wall, a beautiful design piece of furniture such as sofa or coffee table as on textiles such as cushions or an imposing carpet.

Anyway, the contemporary interior design is always warm, cozy and comfortable and should not be part of an arty design style that is too flashy.

The contemporary interior design for every room is inspired more by Scandinavian spirits where raw materials and natural colors take place, and cozy country house-style atmospheres revisited with large welcoming armchairs, a fireplace, a cocoon sofa, all enhanced by energizing colors. which establish a style that is more urban than rustic or completely designer.

Colors and materials for a modern living room that mixes styles

How to ensure that different universes such as contemporary interior design in mix with another style come together without denoting? This primarily involves the association of colors that harmonize the whole and ensure the good taste of the place.

Too many poorly associated colors can quickly transform the place into an overly colorful contemporary living room design.

contemporary home decor

If certain materials are specific to certain styles, they have the knack to combine perfectly. Indeed, the metal which suggests an industrial style, the wood which offers a natural atmosphere with Scandinavian inspirations and the glass which establishes a chic and sober spirit can coexist without surprising.

If all of them come together through two or three colors, you will have a one-of-a-kind contemporary coastal living room .

Details that have style for a contemporary interior design

On the look side, the graphic style, the Scandinavian style, the classic style, also the contemporary interior design  no longer have borders, all can be mixed to create one universe.

Everything lies in the right choice of furniture. We prefer to establish a rustic spirit with a raw wood coffee table rather than with a robust and imposing sofa.

For the Nordic style, we focus on natural and warm colors and raw materials rather than on typical Scandinavian furniture that can denote. For the graphic style in contemporary interior design , we think of setting it up with a modernized cement tile floor, a fresco, paintings and shelves to be fixed to the wall.

contemporary home decor

Focus on the characteristics of contemporary interior design

Decorate the living room in a contemporary style

The idea of width, air, and cleanliness must all be conveyed in a contemporary interior design. He employs white to contrast with black in this area, as well as sofas and furniture with clean lines.

Use a soft-fiber rug or a trendy design feature in bright hues like yellow or red to warm up the space. You can also paint a wall in a cool tone to create an exquisite look, while balancing it out with vibrant touches provided by designer accessories and geometric shapes.

Arrange the kitchen in a modern style

The contemporary style kitchen is the domestic environment in which it is easier to fall into the risk of disorder … which is literally the bitter enemy of contemporary decor.

Organization, in a contemporary style kitchen , is almost an obligation: you have to eliminate the superfluous and keep only the essentials, learn to arrange the furniture and objects so that they are at best functional, but minimal.

contemporary home decor

In addition to the materials we have already talked about videly used in contemporary interior design, like solid wood and Corian, choose sandstone, marble or parquet for the coverings, which gives each room an extra touch of warmth.

To follow the principle of the functionality of the furniture for the best pick of contemporary interior design, we rely on hyper-technological devices and modern furnishing accessories, such as steel refrigerators that connect to wi-fi, metallic gray food processors.

contemporary home decor

A contemporary home decor in the bedroom

The bedroom  in contemporary interior design should be a relaxing environment. Thus, in the choice of furniture and colors, one should not be guided only by functionality, but also choose from an arrangement that reconciles sleep and relaxation.

Here too, green light for white and neutral shades like gray and ivory. Keep the typical measure of that particular style in this room and keep decorations as low as possible.

Choose a bed with an upholstered headboard and frame, or adhere to a minimalist model with an essential design, as the bed is the center of this atmosphere. As a result, toss out any models that are either traditional or too contemporary.

You can also buy a space-saving bed with a container to match the practical requirements of this style, making the environment even more functional and comfortable. Finally, when it comes to fabrics, stick to plain colors and natural fibers like linen and cotton, rather than patterns.

How to create a studio with contemporary decor

If you work at home or have a room that you want to use for reading and studying, it should be comfortable and equipped with all the accessories you need.

IIn a modern studio, the walls should be light and bright, and thecontemporary home decors should be kept to a minimum (also to minimize distractions!).

It also should be equipped with all of the technology that is necessary in this atmosphere, such as a brightness dimmer to control the intensity of the lights.

What to choose for the best Contemporary interior design

Choose natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, and silk for upholstered furniture in black, white, or moderate tones. Choose pillows with geometric fabrics to provide a splash of color.

Finishes, fringes, and pom poms should be avoided in furniture and chairs, which should be simple and smooth.

Lighting in contemporary interior design

Contemporary environments should give you breath, air, an almost intangible feeling of open space. You also create this effect thanks to the luminaires: make it luminous with a suspended chandelier, accompanied by street lamps, spotlights and LEDs and wall lights positioned at strategic points.

contemporary home decor


Offer comfort and warmth to the home with textiles that contrast and balance the minimal lines of the furniture. Choose soft rugs and brightly colored pillows (two colors maximum). The curtains should also be light and light in color, or even slightly transparent to let in the light.


Decorating walls and furniture with inscriptions in pretty calligraphy is a trend that you can follow to give your contemporary decor a personal touch. You can decorate in a simple way by sticking words and phrases with adhesive letters, for a very elegant and refined effect.

Greenery and plants for amateurs

The green of a plant animates and oxygenates any home, whatever its style. But in the case of a contemporary decor, it is even more recommended, as it helps to make the environment less cold.

Potted plants are a suitable alternative to decorations which, you guessed it, don’t pair with contemporary style. If the space is large, choose tall plants and place them in simple, designer vases.

contemporary home decor

The natural simplicity of gray and it’s matchings

The gray color can be used in many different furnishing styles. Whether you like it for a minimalist or classic style, the gray color is always a good base for your furnishings.

Our decor experts tell you everything: white, mustard yellow, navy green, pink and blue are ideal combination partners with which you can add beautiful accents!

What color goes with gray?

Besides black, white and beige, gray is one of the most frequently used colors in interior design and, gray is ideal as a neutral base for color association.

Indeed, the classic and timeless style can be pleasantly combined with pop and retro colors but also with softer tones and natural materials.

Walls painted in mouse gray or anthracite gray embellished with a touch of colorful decoration create a discreet and elegant look in the blink of an eye! But what color goes with gray?

Quickly discover the ideas of our interior decoration experts.

contemporary home decor

Mustard, the trend of the upcoming year

Gray and mustard yellow form an original and contrasting combination. By enhancing a gray wall with bright yellow furniture, you create a special atmosphere in your room.

The ocher yellow brings warmth thanks to its intense luminosity, while the gray offers a feeling of calm. However, you need to make sure that the contrast is not too intense. If necessary, create breaks in your mix and plan for a smooth transition between the two shades.

Decorative cushions in lemon yellow and accessories in different shades of beige and gray provide a cozy atmosphere. Saffron yellow is also one of the timeless trendy colors that will bring a colorful and dynamic touch to your interior!

Play with shades of gray with wood

Still wondering what color goes with gray? With green you create an eye-catcher with immediate effect in a room. A light gray, with blue and green reflections, can be ideally combined with a sage green.

Light wood furniture gives your interior a natural modern influence and at the same time a soothing charm. This combination is particularly attractive in the contemporary style kitchen or bathroom space.

contemporary home decor

If desired, color the fronts of your kitchen furniture in a slate gray shade and combine them with bright or dark green textiles such as fir green.

This combination is singularly chic and elegant. With copper or various metals, you could easily lighten up this powerful color duo.

 Blue is the new black

Gray and blue go well together! The discretion of gray easily adapts to accentuated blue tones such as petrol blue. This harmonious ensemble can be used as a contrast to the white surfaces of the room. A gray wall paint matched with a duck blue velvet sofa creates a bright ambiance.

With a few notes of blue on a carpet, for example, you generate a warm and friendly atmosphere. Blue brings freshness to your decoration and illuminates gray. For a warmer look, adding wood and natural materials can be a wise choice.

The timeless tartan

For some, the tartan brings back memories of skirts of yesteryear. Trust us and re-evaluate the tartan which continues to come back in fashion even in interior decoration and especially this fall 2021.

Checks and tartan give the room a modern touch that brings a cocooning winter vibe to a room.

The classic version on a red background instantly warms up and brings warmth to your interior, as long as you don’t overdo it! For example, bet on a duvet cover, a plaid or a few checkered cushions.

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