Classic Interior: A Statement Making Style Without Being Old-fashioned Or Outdated

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Classic interior is timeless, sustainable , functional- this is how we can characterize the most loved  style  and its philosophy. But what are the secrets of classicism, of such a peaky style? It goes well with other furnishing styles such as the country house style.

Classic interior

They harmonize perfectly as the two often resort to elegant furnishing and timeless decoration elements. Classic interiors are distinguished by a mature character and high quality, without being old-fashioned or outdated. Let yourself be inspired by our experts and create your own classic style interior.

Classic interior: 6 facts to know about

Fact 1: If you are a fan of classic interior, forget about the latest trends or the hype. It is the durability of furniture and other interior design elements that makes this decoration ative style so special. So always choose classic furniture that stands out for its quality and timeless chic.

Fact 2: Choosing simplicity doesn’t mean your furniture will be boring! Even if you opt for high-quality materials and expensive furniture, prefer sobriety over the sublime. Classical music is based on understatement. Adopt this principle also for your furniture.

classic interior design

Fact 3: Colors and shapes are designed to create a cohesive whole. Linear shapes in combination with curved elements are often used in the classic interior, because it is this mix and match that makes it so nice.

Fact 4: Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and brown are used most often in the classic interior. Despite this, coloring highlights like bright red, rich blue or juicy green are always welcome as they help soften up this style.

Fact 5: The leather is high quality, old, but also modern. The versatility of this popular natural material makes it ideal for classic style furniture. A wonderful interplay of old and modern elements is often present in classic interior.

Fact 6: The classic interior likes solidity. You don’t choose just any leather sofa, but a Chesterfield sofa. You don’t choose a coffee table, but a solid wood coffee table.

Classic-style interior: the 3 key pieces

classic interior design

The Vitra chair

Serial production of this timeless modern classic began in 1950. The plastic shell is available in different colors, while the shiny metal or wooden legs still appear in the same style. The Vitra chair is a must if you want to furnish your home in a classic way. Despite the minimal changes made to the chair, it has always remained true to its line and its elegant and timeless style.

The Chesterfield sofa

As stated earlier, the Chesterfield sofa is a very popular piece of furniture for elegant and classic interior. But to avoid an old and heavy interior, choose the Chesterfield sofa in a more delicate color, such as cream.

classic interior design

The wooden table

Whether it’s a dining table, a coffee table or a side table, wood is the asset! A classic solid wood table is sustainable and always of very good quality. Wood also brings a touch of rustic chic to the interior.

Classic interior style lighting: how to do it?

What shouldn’t be missing in a classic interior? Mood lighting. Whether it’s a classic floor lamp or a classic table lamp – with the right lighting fixture you may check a cozy atmosphere no matter the room or the time.

For the reading nook or next to the extravagant Chesterfield sofa, we recommend a classic arc lamp, which, even when turned off, is a real visual highlight. A classic lamp with a satin shade on the bedside table or on your chest of drawers in the hallway is also an excellent choice.

A classic floor lamp not only ensures choicest lighting conditions in your room, but is also a visual enrichment for your interior design . Interior design ideas in a classic style have a wide variety for all the tastes!

classic interior design

Classic interior doesn’t mean old or dusty. To add a certain modernity to your classic-style interior, you can integrate velvet poufs or wooden stools into your furnishings.

As for your kitchen, you can create this space from a mix of contemp , monochrome pieces with rustic country house pieces. In this way, the interior takes on a modern touch, while remaining classic.

Finally, our interior design experts will be happy to give you some advice: even if a classic interior does not follow current trends, it does not necessarily mean that it is boring.

Quite the contrary! The timeless harmony of modern and pure classic interior is very captivating and always chic.

Flower power: a timeless trend of classic style interior

A hippie concept of the 1960s and 1970s, flower power characterized a zero violence ideology. This expression first saw the light of day in 1967 during the “summer of love”, which brought together hippies with hair crowned with flowers.

The movement then promoted love, peace and freedom.

classic interior design

Hence its famous slogan: peace and love. Fifty later, the image is still dreaming. And whether it is on clothes, in your lifestyle or even your interior decoration ation, flower-power is everywhere and never goes out of fashion.

Ecru color: Adopting in Classic interior

The fashions pass, but the ecru coloring remains! Symbol of elegance, refinement and purity, this shade continues to surprise us. Whatever the decoration style of your home, whatever the room, ecru can be found everywhere, all the time. Its natural coloring at the crossroads of white, beige and ivory is essential in the interior decoration ation, furniture, accessories and in household linen.

Discover 5 inspiring ideas to adopt the coloring ecru at home.

Paint a wall in ecru for a classic interior

Ecru or off-white is an incredibly bright color. Introducing it by applying it to one or more walls accentuates the light and clarity of your interior. Less cold than white, it also brings a feeling of lukewarmth and comfort. From the first rays of the sun, the ecru coloring lukewarms and illuminates your room.

classic interior design

On the walls of the dining room or bedrooms, it helps to illuminate and expand the space. For a harmonious ensemble, add a few touches of ecru with a rug, cushions, throws and flowerpots.

Combine ecru with bright colors

In our interiors, ecru is one of the few colors that can be combined with any other shade. It can of course be combined with another neutral color: gray, white, taupe, powder pink or pastel tones … but it is its marriage with dazzling colors that not only sublimate it, but enhance it.

Ecru and green for a natural atmosphere

To create a vegetal and natural atmosphere, ecru lends itself perfectly to a marriage with green. The two colors being inseparable from nature and plants, they combine to create a zen and soothing atmosphere.

classic interior design

Ecru and blue for a seaside holiday feeling

Symbol of the sea, the blue coloring enhances the nuances of the ecru color. This ideal combination brings back memories and reminds us of the sensations of our beach vacation. With light wood furniture and seaside decoration ative items, your interior shines in the colors of the ocean.

Ecru, brown and red for a touch of modernity

Ecru and brown come from the same shades of brown. Their marriage works wonders! Vary light shades of ecru and dark shades of brown for a chic and trendy contrast.

Bring a touch of modernity and fantasy with a few notes of red (cushions, a coffee table, a decoration ative frame …), which will underline this timeless duo. Make room for ecru with natural elements

classic interior design

To enhance the ecru, it’s easy to integrate it into its natural state. coloring of wood, sand and autumn leaves, ecru is discreet but it is everywhere! It gives the objects that wear it a pure and refined character.

The natural materials reveal the ecru in all its splendor. Choose a jute or linen rug, a clay pot, a wicker basket, a bamboo chair, a natural rattan mirror… There are a thousand and one ways to make room for ecru in its raw state.

With its soft and relaxing hues, ecru is a perfect coloring for household linens. On your bed sets, he calls for lounging and falling into the arms of Morpheus.

On cushions or a woolen blanket, it embellishes your sofa and invites you to relax. On your tablecloths and napkins, it dresses your table with finesse and elegance, while discreetly attracting the eye of your guests.

Create a cocooning classic style interior

Timeless, the ecru coloring can be found in all atmospheres and styles, modern, rustic or Nordic. Its coloring tending towards brown, it is much lukewarmer than the coloring white. It brings a lot of calm, well-being and serenity to the room. Thanks to her, creating a zen and comforting environment is child’s play. With ecru, guaranteed cocooning effect!

To create a soft and relaxing atmosphere at home, choose an ecru sofa, matched with a hand-knitted plaid. The ecru coloring is not very messy, you can also adopt it for all your decoration ative textiles: rugs, armchairs, chairs and even your soft and padded cushions!

classic interior design

Gray as the centerpiece of modern classic decor

Whether light or dark, gray has an endless variety of shades. In terms of style, a light gray sideboard will go perfectly with modern or classic interior design

furniture. An anthracite gray table will also easily integrate a dining room painted in bright tones a kitchen with an industrial look. A mouse gray wardrobe will enhance the chic of a baroque or classic bedroom. You’ve noticed: colors determine the mood of a room.

To exploit the aesthetic potential of trendy colors and make your classic interior design with a success, it is essential to respect a few basic principles.

Cool colors, lukewarm colors, opposing colors, happy association … Here is everything you need to know to play skillfully with colors for the best classic interiors.

classic interior design

In classic interior decoration as in any field, we distinguish between lukewarm colors and cold colors. lukewarm colors, such as red, orange or yellow, are ideal for designing a lukewarm and bright atmosphere.

Conversely, cold colors, such as blue, green or purple are preferred to create a soft and soothing atmosphere.

Shades like beige, white or gray are considered neutral colors. Alternately light or dark, gray is a base coloring that easily combines with all chromatic nuances and fits into any room of the house.

Light gray walls: which colors to associate?

If light gray is ideal for a successful interior design, it is not limited to pieces of furniture. Walls painted in light gray help to create a pleasant and lukewarm atmosphere in a room.

To take full advantage of its aesthetic potential, choose the coloring of your furniture carefully. Here are some inspirations to guide you in your choice.

In a dining room with a classic feel and pearl gray walls, dark wood furniture is the best effect. Add a few touches of white, which will bring a subtle touch of sparkle to your room: a feather lamp, a white high-pile carpet, a white armchair, etc.

classic interior design

In a contemporary kitchen with light gray walls, add lacquered white kitchen furniture and stainless steel components. For a resolutely modern atmosphere, hang a large black metal ceiling lamp.

For a vibrant atmosphere, add in aclassic interior room with pebble gray walls a sofa in anise yellow fabric and multicolored cushions. Wicker and wooden furniture will add an extra touch of softness to your modern classic decor .

Classic is not always the old one

Star of designer interiors, light gray pairs easily with dark gray. When these two colors are combined, all it takes is a touch of bright coloring to design a personalized and stylish classic decor .

Thus, in an industrial-style loft painted in shades of gray, the addition of a pastel pink armchair and fuchsia pink decoration ative accessories brings a touch of femininity.

The addition of a silver plated pendant and a matching floor lamp completes a resolutely chic and original decoration .

classic interior design

To revive the decoration of your bedroom in classic interior, compose a shades of light gray and dark gray and add colored linens: a petrol blue bed set, turquoise blue curtains, a sea green carpet…

These hints of coloring will invigorate your room. room. A feather pendant light, a chest of drawers and a white lacquered cabinet will sign a modern and lukewarm classic decor.

And if you have fallen for a hues of gray in your dining room, you can also add pieces of raw wood furniture. A honey-colored wooden table modern classic decor with matching chairs brings a lukewarm note that is always appreciated.

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