Exterior Design Trends 2023: 7 Ideas To Enjoy The All-encompassing Warmth Of Hosting Everyone Together

exterior house trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Exterior design trends 2023 are ready to make your space as attractive as you can imagine!

Do you want to arrange your terrace or your balcony to make it a cozy and pleasant little corner as the sunny days approach?

A true link between the interior and the exterior, the exterior design trends 2023  will allow you to take full advantage of this space. Furniture, colors and styles, here are all the best garden furniture trends for 2023 for your patio or balcony lounge.

Exterior Design Trends 2023: 7 Ideas To Enjoy The All-encompassing Warmth Of Hosting Everyone Together

To make a success of your balcony decoration or sublimate your terrace, play with the materials. So what are the trends? Westwing tells you everything.

Depending on the nature of the fibers that constitute it, the fabric comes in a wide variety of styles. Ultra soft to the touch, cotton is perfect for designing a cocooning atmosphere.

Always chic, linen sublimates a modern terrace. If your garden furniture is intended for an uncovered terrace, consider waterproofing the fabric of which it is made.

exterior design trends 2023

Textilene can also meet your expectations. This synthetic material made of polyester is perfectly resistant to bad weather.

A must in Asian countries, bamboo signs Zen decor and provides a relaxing feeling. Robust and resistant to humidity, it is appreciated for making garden and garden furniture. It is also appreciated by lovers of natural and ecological materials.

Another way to design a cocooning terrace: XXL pouffes. In their garden version, they are made of highly waterproof materials. Positioned near a low wicker balcony table, XXL terracotta-coloured poufs are an invitation to relax and laze around.

exterior design trends 2023

Want a boho chic vibe? These exterior design trends 2023 are  characterized by beige materials, large garden lanterns, but also candle holders and candles for the warm atmosphere.

Complete the set with floor cushions, a hanging chair or a hammock to provide comfort. We love jute, rattan, wicker baskets, linen and cotton textiles and especially macrame wall decorations!

In both exterior and interior decoration, colors play a crucial role in enhancing the decorative atmosphere of a home.

Do you want a warm atmosphere for your terrace? Bet on honey-colored outdoor furniture. Chic, elegant and warm, it brings an additional touch of softness to the places it dresses.

Another  tip from exterior design trends 2023: to wake up the wooden terrace of a house with a contemporary look, bet on sapphire blue.

Chic and dynamic, this color completes modern and original decorations.

exterior design trends 2023

If you prefer soft and cozy atmospheres, go for pastel pink. A light pink hammock decorated with powder pink outdoor poufs invites you to daydream as much as to take a nap. So many essential ingredients to successfully decorate your balcony-terrace.

The balcony is often small and narrow. It is then necessary to optimize the space as well as possible. There is balcony furniture dedicated to small spaces with more compact furniture.

In recent years, manufacturers have redesigned their furniture to transform them into ingenious solutions for your exterior.

So how do you arrange a small balcony to make it comfortable and functional?

Folding furniture to optimize space

Ingenious solutions and exterior design trends 2023  exist to save space in no time on the balcony. The folding table that attaches to the railing allows you to quickly have your breakfast, then put it away to save space while blending into the decor.

exterior house trends 2023

We especially love it in wood to bring a little natural side to the whole and goes perfectly with hanging plants. Folding balcony tables and benches are also clever solutions for small balconies.

A small table and two chairs

A classic for furnishing your balcony is of course a set of bistro style table and chairs. Traditionally made of metal or wood, we find this kind of set now in bamboo or plastic.

For a romantic look, we choose it in wrought iron and for a vitaminized look we choose a colored set. It is an excellent base for creating an atmosphere on the balcony, and which is easily personalized.

exterior house trends 2023

Mismatched small pieces of furniture

Exit the big garden furniture that takes up too much space on the balcony! For small budgets but also for small spaces, we love the mix of floor cushions, pouffes and outdoor balcony chairs.

Which furniture to choose for large spaces?

If you have a large balcony, you can use standard size garden furniture. Again, all exterior design trends 2023 are possible for your balcony. As for the terrace, you can then delimit the space by creating, for example, a dining area and a lounge or relaxation area. In addition, garden tables and chairs go well with other outdoor furniture.

A wooden garden furniture

Our advice is to choose weather-resistant furniture, so choose woods such as acacia, oak, teak or eucalyptus.

Remember to maintain them well over the seasons. In winter, we advise you to cover them. To dust them in the spring, take a suitable oil.

The palette, the star of 2023

exterior house trends 2023

Recycling is always on the rise, and as on the terrace, the balcony is also adorned with pallets for a decoration that is both homemade and super stylish. It is an excellent base for creating a garden room that you will come to personalize with textiles such as cushions, mattresses or even plaids.

Bet on natural materials

Super trendy, natural materials invite themselves on the balcony. We love them because they are environmentally friendly. They can also be very easily personalized. They are thus an excellent base for the boho or even japandi decorative style.

Also think that openwork furniture brings lightness and avoids the clumsy effect of certain imposing furniture.

exterior house trends 2023

We also love the super trendy bamboo or rattan furniture that brings a touch of freshness and naturalness. Always very fashionable for your interior decoration, they can be brought into the living room in winter.

Keep in mind not to overload your balcony too much to be able to add some personalized decorative elements for a super stylish look.

Among the essential garden exterior design trends 2023,especially the furniture items  let’s mention the sun lounger.

If you are looking for the ideal model to furnish a modern terrace or balcony lounge, bet on an aluminum and textilene deckchair. Light, resistant and design, it signs modern exterior decorations.

To dress up a more classic balcony or terrace lounge, prefer a wooden and fabric chaise longue.

If your terrace is large enough, let yourself be seduced by the hammock on a wooden stand.

exterior house trends 2023

Appreciated at siesta time or to listen to birdsong, it gives your outdoors a holiday feel.

You have children? Install foutas on your balcony.

Toddlers love to sit there to play or read a book. Add a toy box and garden furniture for children: miniature garden chair, cushions, coffee table. Even decorate your terrace with a teepee!

Balcony and terrace: how to fix a screen?

Garden keepers aren’t the only ones enjoying the outdoors anymore! Those who are part of the “balcony” or “terrace” team in town are now just as capable of enjoying the rays of the sun and organizing barbecues.

All you need is a cleverly thought-out terrace or balcony layout to create your practical and functional wellness oasis!

exterior house trends 2023

After choosing your outdoor furniture for suit the most of exterior design trends 2023  as well as  plants for the balcony, you now have to think about an element that is becoming more and more popular: the privacy screen!

We assume that you do not want the neighbors in the building opposite to see you sunbathing or lounging on a Sunday afternoon!

To finalize your balcony decoration and make it a true outdoor haven of peace, as intimate as an indoor space, the screen is essential! Indeed, it simply protects from prying eyes.

exterior house trends 2023

Based on exterior design trends 2023 and adapted to the size of your balcony, the privacy screen is now available in various natural and synthetic materials so that practicality combines with aesthetics.

Without forgetting that climbing plants can also serve as a natural screen. From now on, they are used to make a vertical plant wall.

Choice, installation, fixing… here is everything you need to know about the privacy screen for the balcony or the terrace.

The greatest natural screens: exterior house trends 2023

Increasingly in vogue, natural screens are made from plant materials. There are, for example, wooden screens and natural hedges with foliage, perfect for terraces. But you can also make your own privacy screen!

With branches, using recycled pallets, with logs or by opting for braided rods, the wooden screen adapts to your exterior design trends 2023.

Braided stems and branches are ideal if you have a balcony or terrace in town. Their weight is perfectly adapted.

exterior house trends 2023

If you have a garden, do not hesitate to turn to recycled pallets or wooden logs. This screen made by your hands offers all the necessary privacy for your exterior.

In any case, you can varnish them, then paint them the color you want. So, you have understood, the wooden screen gives a natural style to your space while adapting to the style you like. Rustic chic, Scandinavian or country style, your exterior will be a real haven of peace.

Opt for a bamboo screen

The bamboo screen knows how to create a zen atmosphere in your exterior. It is one of the big trends of the moment. This success is fully deserved since it comes in different ways to satisfy all exterior design trends 2023.

exterior house trends 2023

Indeed, you can build your own bamboo structure yourself. Insert the branches parallel, perpendicular or crossed, the result will be just as original as it is unique.

If you have a green thumb and have a garden, do not hesitate to plant bamboo branches directly in the ground. Balconies and terraces are also entitled to their bamboo screens. You just need to plant it in containers.

Vegetation is also a natural solution to preserve privacy and camouflage your balcony. If dressing your railing with a pretty green coat tempts you, you have to bet on plants. They last all year round regardless of the season and the temperature.

Here too, exterior design trends 2023 abound. You can opt for a foliage screen or a screen hedge. To do this, nothing better than climbing plants.

exterior house trends 2023

Among them, you find jasmine, which is a very fragrant and cold-resistant climbing plant. Its evergreen foliage is perfect for balconies.

Clematis is also welcome. There are two at each end of the balcony for a blackout effect. Also to be tested: laurel, honeysuckle, wisteria, bignone, escallonia, climbing rose.

Another major trend of the moment: the screen in canisse, which has many qualities.

Create a decorative balcony vegetable garden

If the space on your balcony or terrace is limited, a small vegetable garden will perfectly meet your expectations.

In addition to offering you a few harvests,this one from exterior design trends 2023  will create a pretty corner of greenery that will bring an authentic touch to your balcony decoration.

The vertical vegetable garden among exterior design trends 2023

Suitable for small balconies, the vertical vegetable garden, or wall vegetable garden, is an excellent solution to remedy the lack of space.

As its name suggests, this vegetable garden is grown vertically, that is to say on above-ground levels placed one above the other.

exterior house trends 2023

To make it, you will need a small load-bearing wall: a garden shelf or a decorative ladder. Decorated with aromatic herbs, this green space will bring a lot of character to your balcony or terrace.

Like the vertical vegetable garden, the hanging vegetable garden is grown on above-ground levels. On the other hand, it has the particularity of being suspended either from the ceiling or directly from the balcony.

It can take the form of a wall hanger, hanging shelves or a multi-pocket bag to be fixed on the balcony railing.

exterior house trends 2023

Add your decorative touch with exterior design trends 2023: hang your balcony vegetable garden with a pretty macrame rope.

As for containers, choose light and shallow pots. For example, prefer textile bags, recycled plastic bottle bottoms and smart pots. As for colors, match them with the color of your balcony furniture.

Productive balcony vegetable garden

If you have a little space and you want to follow the exterior design trends 2023 , you can opt for a functional balcony vegetable garden with a higher yield.

To do this, install a classic planter made up of large terracotta pots and wooden tubs protected by geotextile felt.

Prefer very deep containers (at least 35 cm) in order to grow vegetables with deep roots (tomatoes, peppers, beans, carrots, etc.).

On more spacious exterior design trends 2023 , ensure a productive harvest by opting for the vegetable bed.

exterior house trends 2023

Delimited by borders, this type of vegetable garden does not take up much space and allows you to cultivate in depth (up to 40 cm) to enjoy a greater variety of vegetables!

The vegetable patch can also be grown in height (standing vegetable patch or cultivation table) by adapting it to your size in exterior design trends 2023 .

While it is easy to find a vegetable patch in kit form in specialist shops, you can also make it yourself with reclaimed wood (pallets, etc.), cleats, wood screws and geotextile felt.

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