19 Exceptional Office Trends 2022 for the Most Functional Interiors


Office trends 2022 solve not only the problems of ergonomics, as it was several years ago.

In 2022, office design and functionality become important components of your company’s HR brand. A cozy and aesthetic office makes staff members want to work in this company.

office design 2022

In the office, everything should be organized so that a person is comfortable being there like at home.

We have prepared the latest trends in the office interior that are at the peak of popularity in 2022.

Transformable Offices

Offices after the coronavirus will definitely not be the same. Many are considering the possibility of combined work: employees will work from home, and come to the office as needed. Many companies no longer need expensive fixed-site offices.

Convertible offices, where not every employee has a personal workplace, have been popular for several years. In 2022, they are a trend, since they are cheaper than classic ones and allow an increase in the number of employees up to 30%.

Also trending:

The best option if a week ago there were 10 people in the office, but today colleagues from another city arrived on a business trip, or one of the remote workers came to a meeting with a client.

Noise Cancellation

When there is a lot of noise around, it is uncomfortable to work. Therefore, in transformable offices, it is important to allocate quiet zones for concentrated work, meetings, and official meetings, and in the rest of the premises to ensure the maximum possible soundproofing.

Acoustic partitions and other elements will come to the rescue. Here you can chat with the team or call a client without disturbing others and without being distracted by extraneous sounds.

In the open space, the workplaces were divided by soft acoustic partitions.

office design 2022

Smart Use of Office Space

In the office trends 2022, the possibility of space zoning is important. Allocate isolated zones, and, if necessary, quickly return everything to its original state, allow transformable partitions for the office.

Smart Offices

Since the beginning of the pandemic, developers have been working on applications to minimize the number of contact processes in offices.

For example, Huawei and Wanglong Intelligent introduced an elevator calling system via an app installed on a smartphone.

Many solutions are emerging for safe office work.

Applications that track the movements of employees using a GPS signal are also popular, and in case someone becomes infected, they can quickly calculate with whom he was in contact.

This is what the technologies of the future look like. But today you can make your office safer for your employees:

  • replace ordinary doors with automatic ones, switches – with touch sensors, finger scanners or plastic passes – with a face recognition system;
  • purchase contactless dispensers for liquid soap and disinfectants;
  • use non-contact systems for flushing and mixers in bathrooms;
  • refuse coffee machines and vending machines with snacks, preferring the delivery of portioned hermetically packaged food.

office design 2022

A Home-Like Office

The trend towards more comfortable and less formal workspaces has been around for years.

Carpets, warm lighting, curtains, and other textiles, a library, healthy snacks, and free water, and an abundance of indoor plants help create a homely atmosphere in the office. Comfortable chairs and armchairs play an important role in the office design 2022.

office design 2022

Office Ideas 2022 for the Well-Being of Employees

Plexiglass or glass screens separating workspaces, separating managers from customers and visitors from each other have become commonplace. Furniture makers are working to ensure that offices after the coronavirus are not only safe but also stylish.

An alternative to plastic partitions can be flowerpots or mobile acoustic screens made of fabric or screens on which you can write or attach notes.

A supply and exhaust ventilation system is used in offices to minimize the risk of infection. It should be separate in each room.

It is also important to opt for proper furniture. Still popular are, for example, adjustable tables that can be used while sitting or standing.

office design 2022

Green Office

In the office trends 2022, the trend is to include natural elements in the office interior. It’s not just beautiful: the abundance of plants, the use of natural materials, and sufficient natural light have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of employees and their performance.

A green environment has a positive effect on brain function and reduces stress levels.

Floor pots with live plants can be placed around the office, and hanging pots are used in the area for informal communication.

office design 2022

Office Design 2022: The Layout

In the development of an office plan, it is essential to take into consideration the interests of the employer, the employees, and also the clients.

Of course, a general style should be selected, not forgetting about the tasks each zone should solve.

Office Design Ideas 2022: The Reception

The reception acquaints employees, clients, and partners. In this area, everyone gets the first impression of the company. So, in this sense, the design should only evoke positive emotions.

The interior of the reception reflects the corporate style. For the administrator, a counter is installed. A special corner is allocated for the guests to spend their waiting time in comfort.

office design 2022

The conference hall differs from other office spaces in its austere design.

The central object in the conference hall is a massive negotiation table. For safety reasons and from a psychological point of view, it is better if it is in a round shape.

office design 2022

Office Ideas 2022: Relaxation Area

Company employees often relax in the kitchen, where they can chat over a cup of tea or lunch. Here, proper household appliances should be installed. Refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, the kettle is the required minimum.

In the office design 2022, despite the kitchen, it is desirable to allocate space for relaxation zones and/or gyms. In the office decor trends 2022, everything is aimed so that the employees can forget about work processes for a while.

office design 2022

Safety, functionality, aesthetics, and health care are the main principles to follow when creating an ideal working space.

In general, offices are planned according to the open space principle. However, each employee has the right to a personal zone. So, places can be delimited by mobile soundproofed partitions.

You can separate the table of each employee or divide the room into micro-zones with 4-5 workplaces. You should not allow the feeling that the room is cramped.

The tables are organized so that the surface looks neat and does not feel cluttered. The task is solved with the help of well-thought-out organizers on the desktop, boxes for storing personal belongings. It is important to understand what office equipment each employee needs, to provide for its location.

office design 2022

The main task of office trends 2022 is to increase the efficiency of employees. In addition to properly selected furniture, lighting, the designer can lay down other parameters that affect performance.

  • Examine the business processes. By understanding the internal structure of the company, you can create an interior that is convenient for each employee.
  • Consider interactions between departments. Build a layout based on how people communicate with each other about work issues.
  • Note that in summer it is hot for those who sit by the south-facing windows. Consider the ventilation system, types of air conditioners, and other technical features that affect thermal comfort.
  • Find out how the chosen type of layout is convenient for employees. Leaders are more likely to choose open space, while not always most team members want to work in a large open space.

office design 2022

Each workplace is provided with a cabinet for storing office supplies, documents, and personal belongings. If you plan to rearrange furniture frequently, consider rolling models. The design of side pedestals looks neat in the interior.

Publicly available stationery is best kept in a separate room or in a locker. Pens, packs of paper, and notebooks stored on open shelves look sloppy.

Do not forget about the placement of street clothes and shoes. It is undesirable to use open hangers – they create visual chaos in the interior. It is better if employees hang jackets and coats in a closed wardrobe.

office trends 2022

Office Design Ideas 2022: Layout Types

By understanding the business processes of the company, by defining the zones, the type of layout can be discussed.

Open Space

Leaders often favor open spaces for economic reasons.

Working in a space completely without partitions is psychologically difficult, knowing that there is someone behind you. And if there are more than four people in front of your eyes at all times, it may negatively affect your productivity.

There is a minimum of decor in the working area. Elements reminiscent of the corporate style are acceptable. You can include odorless living plants that do not bloom in office decor 2022.

office trends 2022


This type of planning has a positive effect on the productivity of employees and ensures more reliable relationships.

In addition to dividing the office space by walls, a single style should be preserved in the design of all premises.

office trends 2022

Japanese Version

In Japan, they adhere to a strict hierarchy, including interior design.

The manager’s workplace is located in the center of the office. The main persons of the company sit facing the employees. Partitions are unacceptable and as such, there is no personal space.

office trends 2022

Yellow is chosen for recreation and activity areas, while gray is preferred in work areas where the maximum concentration of attention is needed.

Sandy beige is also included in 2022 trending colors.

office trends 2022

According to industry experts, the trend is:

  • A transformable office where remote workers will be able to come as needed. Modular furniture and transformable office partitions will help you equip such a space, allowing you to quickly change its configuration.
  • Use of modern technologies to minimize contact of employees with surfaces and organize effective remote teamwork.
  • Comfortable, cozy offices with a homely atmosphere.
  • Natural materials, lots of greenery, and respect for natural resources.
  • Taking care of the physical and mental health of employees.

The office trends 2022 is not only about beauty, but also functionality in the interior.

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