Top 21 Most Original Ideas For Kid’s Room 2022

Kids room

The interior design for a kid’s room is not an easy task. The kid’s room 2022 is a bedroom, study, and playroom at the same time. In an interior design project, the first thing is how to arrange each part of the room – the zones. Then the design style, materials, furniture, decor, and lighting are chosen.

The interior of a room for a teenager is planned not by the parents or by the designer, but by the child himself.

Top 21 Most Original Ideas For Kid’s Room 2022

If parents, with or without the help of a professional, think over the design to the smallest detail, the teenager will certainly make changes according to his own tastes.

A competent approach is not to oppose the interests of the child, but to use the room for creating a comfortable space for the child.

Organizing a Kid’s Room 2022

The interior of the kid’s room 2022 can be divided into three parts: a place to sleep, a play, and a study area.

Parts of the space are visually separated from each other, but this is not necessary.

Organizing a Kid’s Room 2022

Study Area

Space for a desk and a bookcase. It can be next to the window: natural lighting, the view of the sky, and trees relieve emotional stress.

On the ground floor, the view of the street will distract from the lessons and will not allow concentrating.


Also trending:

Place the desk next to a window: on the left if the child is right-handed, and on the right, if the child is left-handed. So the light will correctly illuminate the book and notebook.

Organizing a Kid’s Room 2022

Sleeping Area

This, on the contrary, is made further from the window.

The light of the sun or lanterns will not wake up the child, and the noise of the street will not prevent you from falling asleep. The bed is often separated by a wardrobe, screen, or wall.


Playing Area

A playing area is a place for recreation and hobby. It needs space and warmth to play on the floor. In projects of spacious rooms, the play area is made in the corner, and small ones – in the middle. Children’s sports equipment and wall bars are placed next to or in the remaining free space of the room.

For clothes, books, toys, and board games, they put wardrobes, racks, boxes in the kid’s room.


They are used to delimit space and bright accents in the interior. For example, a wardrobe or shelf stands between the bed and the desk, and the drawers form a kind of wall.

For the visual division of the interior into zones, screens, partitions, and plants are used in projects. The decoration will also help with different colors and textures of walls and floors.

Small Space Kid’s Bedroom Ideas 2022

If it is impossible to organize zones in the kid’s room 2022 separately, they are combined or made temporary. Children play in the middle of the room on the carpet. Non-standard design solutions and multifunctional furniture help to save space.

  • The window sill increased by half a meter will replace the desk.
  • On the loft bed, they sleep upstairs, and downstairs – freely. They put a table, a computer, a wardrobe under the bed, make a play area or a home theater.
  • A sofa or chair bed is laid out for sleep and then folded back.
  • The transforming wall hides the bed, wardrobe, and table at the same time.
  • Wall shelves and window sills replace bookcase and shelving.
  • The base and ladder of the bed are storage boxes.

If the height of the ceiling allows, take a closer look at the option of a two-level kid’s room. Above is a sleeping area, and below is a training and play area, or vice versa.

For non-standard rooms, individual projects are made and furniture is made to order.

Small Space Kid's Bedroom Ideas 2022

Furniture in a Kid’s Room 2022

When you have decided on the zones, consider the functionality of the furniture.

The child is growing and will soon want to change the interior of the kid’s room. Choose furniture that is easy to combine and create new design projects.

Furniture in a Kid's Room 2022


The main thing when choosing a table is the width and height of the working surface.

Design is important for the beauty of an interior but does not affect academic success. In the projects of the kid’s room 2022, the table is one of the central objects, the arrangement of furniture and the design of the study area depends on it.

It can stand on the floor, hang on the wall, slide out of the closet, and fold.

Furniture in a Kid's Room 2022


An important point when choosing a chair is the seat height. The legs should be on the floor so that a right angle is formed in the knee and back, and the distance from the knees to the tabletop is at least 10 cm.

Chairs with a footrest are bought for younger children. Such a device can be made with your own hands from books or boxes. If the stand is beautifully designed, it will become a bright accent in the interior.

Kid's Room 2022


The main thing is the quality of the mattress. Orthopedic mattresses of medium firmness with independent springs are highly recommended.

The bed for kid’s room 2022 has many design options: classic, stylized, loft beds, wardrobes, sofas. The chair, table, and mattress are chosen by adults, and the idea and choice of an interior design project can be left to the child.

So it will be pleasant for him to sleep and it will be interesting to change the space around.

Furniture in a Kid's Room 2022

Cabinets and Shelves

Choose the wardrobe that is optimal in height: add 30 cm to the child’s height. A classic wardrobe or storage system is suitable for things. It is good when there are shelves and drawers for linen. If not, a chest of drawers will do.

If there is no space for a closet in the children’s room, and there are few things, put a floor hanger.

It is convenient to put toys and board games in drawers – it will be easier for the child to put things in order in the room.

Drawers can be part of a storage system or stand along the wall, be an element of decor, and separate areas from each other. In addition to the main furniture, the design project includes ottomans, bedside tables, rocking chairs, hammocks.

Furniture in a Kid's Room 2022

Kid’s Bedroom Ideas 2022: Lighting

Cold, bright light in large quantities is tiring and straining for the eyes, but it sets you up for mental activity and helps you to concentrate. The main lighting of the room should be warm, and a neutral white light bulb with a spray is suitable for a table lamp.

The overhead light of the chandelier is not enough to do the homework. Make an extra spotlight on top. For right-handers, the light source is made on the left, and for left-handed – on the right.

This does not deteriorate vision, and the shadow from the hand does not interfere with writing. The table lamp is on a leg, attached with a clothespin or fasteners directly to the wall, hanging from the ceiling.

Convenient when the tripod bends – it’s easier to direct the light the way you want.

Kid's Bedroom Ideas 2022: Lighting

Materials and Colors

For kid’s bedroom ideas 2022, design projects with a neutral design and bright accents are selected. The color should not be stressful or tiring. Neutral shades – beige, peach, milky, light gray, pale green.

There is a rule in interior design: use no more than three bright colors, and black, white and their derivatives – in any quantity. Younger children prefer color designs, while teenagers may like contrasting black and white.

When decorating the interior, make bright accents of pictures and photos on the walls, colored boxes, an unusual carpet.

Kid's Bedroom Ideas 2022


It is more practical to paint the walls in the kid’s room 2022. This makes it easier to hang pictures, posters, teaching materials, and manuals. When the child grows up, he will want to decorate the room with drawings, posters with his favorite actors and singers, quotes from books and films.

An interesting solution is to paint with slate paint or paste over the wall with chalk or marker wallpaper. The film is glued to a flat surface and is suitable for decorating not only walls but also doors, tables, chairs, and even floors.

On chalk wallpaper, they draw and write with chalk, like on a blackboard or asphalt, and on marker ones – with a marker.

Kid's Bedroom Ideas 2022


A child, even if he is already a teenager, spends a lot of time on the floor: he plays, reads, draws, collects puzzles, constructors, the railroad. It is better if the flooring is warm and non-slip: cork, carpet.

A carpet is laid on parquet, laminate, linoleum, and tiles. Soft carpets with a long pile are suitable for a student’s room. It is comfortable and warm to sit on them; if you fall, you cannot get hurt.

The carpet is easy to change and fit into the interior.

Kid's Bedroom Ideas 2022

Girl’s Room Ideas 2022


Choose one or two colors that the girl likes, and build a design project around them.

Pink is the girliest color. Dusty pink with neutral shades of beige or dark gray creates a romantic mood.

Purple is also good. For girl’s room 2022 in a romantic design, combine magenta with soft, wavy white fabrics and white furnishings. For a modern project, purple with shades of yellow or bright green.

Soft or light blue and green are a good backdrop for images of flowers, butterflies, rainbows, and other art and accessories.

Neutral shades create a calm interior. The appearance of such a project is easy to change without repainting the entire room: just change the furniture or accessories.

Girl's Room Ideas 2022


When you have decided on the color scheme of the girl’s room 2022, proceed with the choice of wallpaper.

This element of the children’s room will create a magical mood.

Girl's Room Ideas 2022


Girl’s room ideas 2022 with floral print wallpaper is a popular bedroom design option for a girl. Furniture and accessories in a neutral color will suit them.

Girl's Room Ideas 2022

Light Shades

For a teenage girl, a classic-style bedroom project is suitable. Choose light and airy shades: the room will look light and airy.

Girl's Room Ideas 2022

Jungle Theme

Bright photomurals on the theme of the jungle will turn the kid’s room 2022 into a fun place where you can hang out, play, study, sleep. Buy gold or brown bedding for a complete look.

Decorate the room with red or yellow pillows and garlands.

Girl's Room Ideas 2022

Boy’s Bedroom Ideas 2022: Colors

Blue and Its Shades

The blue design is suitable for the themed interior of the boy’s bedroom 2022: in a nautical or space style. This is a popular color for a boy’s bedroom. Blue tones are soothing and contribute to better concentration.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas 2022: Colors

Green Room

All shades of green: light green, emerald green, grassy, dark green are suitable for decorating a boy’s bedroom 2022.

They instill a love of nature. Combine vibrant greens with whites and browns.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas 2022: Colors

White Color

The white room is an excellent solution for the first years of a baby’s life. In the future, dilute such an interior with bright details – furniture, cabinets, curtains.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas 2022: Colors

Boy’s Bedroom 2022 in Gray

It is dangerous to use gray as the main color because it can depersonalize the room and quickly get bored. To avoid this, use color accents in the decor. Or combine it with vibrant colors, interesting items.

Boy's Bedroom 2022 in Gray

Discuss projects for kid’s room 2022 with your child, ask their opinion on non-fundamental issues. Renovating and decorating a room can become a pleasant preparation for them as well if you consider their opinion.

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